James H Drew Corporation provides top quality services for the transportation and construction industries.  We have highly experienced crews with specialized equipment that can provide our customers an efficient and cost-effective solution for even the most complex projects.  Our employees are committed to providing quality service and prompt responses to your installation needs.

We are constantly upgrading our equipment to keep pace with industry changes, and do not hesitate to invest in new equipment to deliver our customers the highest quality installation.

Our company is committed to providing the following services with integrity, honesty, respect coupled with a determination to give our clients the very best in customer service:

Lighting, Traffic & Fiber Optic Technologies

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The Lighting and Traffic Technologies Division includes operations in Indiana and Missouri. The Indianapolis office covers the entire state of Indiana, and the Missouri office covers the western half of Missouri, the eastern half of Kansas, and northern Arkansas.

Products within this division have evolved to take advantage of changes in industry fundamentals.  Products now include:

  • Highway signage
  • Traffic signals
  • Directional boring equipment
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Intelligent traffic (ITS) camera systems
  • Tolling systems
  • Weigh in motion (WIM)
  • Virtual weigh in motion (VWIM)
  • Automated traffic recorder (ATR)
  • Data collection sites (DCS)
  • Roadway weather information systems (RWIS)
  • Variable message boards for smart highways
  • High mast lighting
  • Utility hookups for RV parks
  • Highway advisory radio systems
  • Ornamental lighting
James H Drew Lighting, Traffic, and Fiber OpticsJames H Drew Lighting, Traffic, and Fiber Optics

Guardrail & Fencing

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The Guardrail/Fence Division includes operations in Indiana, Missouri and Tennessee. The Indiana office geographically covers the entire state of Indiana and ventures into the state of Kentucky when projects of appropriate size with prevailing wage rates so justify. The Missouri office has a prime geographic coverage of western Missouri and eastern Kansas and a secondary market including northern Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The Tennessee office covers eastern Tennessee from Chattanooga to the eastern border of Tennessee. All offices install:

  • Guardrail
  • Fence
  • Handrail
  • Energy-absorbing terminals
  • Miscellaneous and logo signs
  • Bridge rail
  • Right-of-way markers
  • Mailboxes on DOT projects and ornamental gates

Each office is also a reseller of both new and used guardrail products.

James H Drew Guardrail and FencingJames H Drew Guardrail and Fencing

Decorative & Ornamental Structures

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The Structural Steel Division has been established to satisfy client needs within the public and private building construction market. Our team is experienced in fabricating structural steel, steel stairs, handrails, miscellaneous steel elements, and various fabricated non-specialty aluminum products.  Drew offers a full scope of work including the creation of shop details and erection drawings. We are prepared to work with engineers and owners to ensure quality products and accountability throughout the fabrication process.

James H Drew Decorative and Ornamental Steel FabricationJames H Drew Decorative and Ornamental Steel Fabrication